The Bridgeport Innovation Center

955 Connecticut Ave, Bridgeport

Building 1, Suite 1305A


I am thrilled to announce our next adventure!  Yoga Lily Studio of Trumbull will be moving to the Bridgeport Innovation Center on Connecticut Ave in Bridgeport.  


Our move to a quiet, impressive space within a bustling art center in an up and coming youthful city will allow Yoga Lily Studio to grow deeper roots along the Fairfield County coastline for years to come. 


Our Bridgeport city location is 1,100 sq ft, including a unisex locker room with changing stalls, an in-studio bathroom, two offices, a private training studio, and a large bright and airy main studio room... with those high ceilings you know we love!  I chose Bridgeport to honor myself, my friends, family and ancestors.  My family has been in the Stratford/ Bridgeport area since the late 1600s. The studio is located minutes from my childhood neighborhood and thousands of happy memories. I am going home. 

When one door opens, another closes. Our adventure in Trumbull will come to an end on October 31st. After a proposed higher rent, years of daily on-site construction, an upcoming large scale long-term construction project on the premises, a pre-planned knock-down of our current studio residence, and years of sharing space with a cabinet shop - we need a she-shed. We genuinely wish our fellow Trumbull tenants and friends continued success and thank our amazingly kind and generous landlord for hosting us these many years. 


Our Shelton suburban location is still open for business but we hope you will join us on our next adventure in Bridgeport. To those who will not be joining us we hope you will continue to spread the seeds of love wherever you may roam.

To those who are joining us, we are so excited to have you and look forward to unveiling our Bridgeport and Shelton Holiday Semester Schedule very soon!


Remember… “Just think happy thoughts and you’ll fly” - Peter Pan


With Love and Fire,

Kelly Paige

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955 Connecticut Ave - Bridgeport 

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