Yoga Routine: Heart Flow

A quick note: August is National Wellness Month! The absolute perfect time to explore heart openers within your home-based yoga practice. Lucky us, our Resident Lily, Vern Montoute, has graciously shared her favorite heart openers and yogi inspo. Throw on some Sade, roll out your mat, and gently quiet your self-doubt. As always remember today you are enough!

With Love & Fire,

Kelly Paige, Yoga Lily Owner

Heart Flow

Peaceful Warrior

Sun Salutations provide a great opportunity for a warrior to have fun and explore! Pictured is Reverse Warrior Pose with a slight twist which allows for the heart to expand even further. It provides a beautiful back bend and side body stretch that targets the torso, obliques, spine and shoulders. This variation is also referred to as "Peaceful Warrior" and in this pose one can expect to find strength, balance and an open heart.

Wheel Pose

Backbends have ALWAYS been my favorite asanas! Wheel Pose is a challenging posture. At the start of my journey into yoga, my personal practice focused heavily on backbends. I enjoy the expansion in my chest and shoulders. It made my heart feel open, enhanced my mood and increased my energy!

Camel Pose

Ready for a full body stretch? Camel Pose is a powerful and intense heart opener. We strongly suggest adding Camel Pose towards the end of your routine. The body and spine must be warm before attempting deep backbends. The benefits are experienced physically and mentally. An amazing digestion aid that provides nervous system stimulation and increased flexibility to the spine.

Dancer Pose

Like many little girls, my dream was to become a ballet dancer! Imagine the excitement when I discovered Dancer Pose as a Yogi! It was a dream come true! A great test of balance, focus and strength, Dancer Pose allows me to capture my playful childlike nature while expanding my heart and filling it with joy and gratitude.  

Practice with Vern every Saturday, Women's Serenity @ 10:30 am in Trumbull.

With Joy & Peace,

Vern Mountoute, Resident Lily

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