Wellness as a Mantra

A little secret to setting the tone for a fabulous day is to set a mantra first thing in the morning. Using a wellness mantra can help you shift your thoughts and is an effective strategy to calm, soothe and re-focus your brain exactly where you want it to be.

Set Your Mantra

You can create a phrase to invigorate you or one that guides you to stop, simply be present, and reflect before taking that first step and springing into action. Taking this moment of solitude will allow you to connect within and set the tone for an optimistic day. Start by taking a few deep breaths and checking in with yourself first thing to see how your body is feeling as well as the quality of your thoughts and your mind. Life can be challenging,

but each day is a unique gift. Just for today, consider the incredible journey you have taken to arrive at this moment. By expressing gratitude and appreciating your surroundings from work to relation-ships will also help start your day with positivity.

Embrace Change!

No matter what challenges or difficulties might arise,

dig deep and you will find all the strength you need inside. Be intentional with your thoughts as well as how and with whom you’re going to spend your time and energy. Being intentional puts every thought in its proper place, and remember to keep checking in throughout the day and asking your-self if its actually needed or has value. Try to cultivate a peaceful relationship with your body and be conscious of the food you’re consuming to nourish your body as well as any products you’re feeding into your skin. Don’t be afraid to embrace change and build beneficial habits. Be consistently honest and ready to act in new ways. Keep checking in with yourself and ask if its the direction you want to be moving in or what you can change to better support your goals and aspirations. Be patient with yourself and others. Say yes to supportive people and choose your company wisely, spending time with those who make you glow from within. When challenges arise, always remember to breathe through it. This sense of calmness will help you create wise decisions and channel good vibes throughout your day. You got this! Be brave and take it slow as you’re in control of your thoughts,actions and how exactly you want to show up in the world.

With Love & Gratitude,

Heather Hayhurst, Resident Lily

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