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Ready to get your sexy back and reach your fitness goals!? Our mission is to help you achieve all that and more with our private fitness training, boutique yoga classes, circus arts and wellness events. We feel incredibly special that you are considering Yoga Lily Studio to begin your journey or deepen your practice!

Yoga is about coming together as a community & therefore is truly for everyone; every body, shape, fitness ability & age.  We service an eclectic group of students whose needs span body, mind & soul. Therefore our motto is to take what you need and leave the rest!

If you are new to yoga and Yoga Lily Studio, please take a few moments to read below.  Read Kelly Paige's Bio here and here.

Need more information?     download our Bridgeport and Shelton schedules, visit our Frequently Asked Question page (FAQ), blog, and subscribe to the newsletter. 

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Quick Studio Overview

Visit front desk upon arrival

Silence phone during class

Stay hydrated, bring a water bottle

Register for classes online via studio account

No socks or shoes in yoga, barre and aerial

​Prevent sliding, place a bath towel on mat

Most studios provide studio mats and accessories

What is yoga?

Yoga is about coming together as a community & therefore is truly for everyone; every body, shape, fitness ability & age.  We service an eclectic group of students whose needs span body, mind & soul. Therefore our motto is to take what you need and leave the rest!

What is Aerial Yoga? *Click Here*

What classes are best for beginners?

Classes with the words gentle, beginner, restorative, and yin in the name or description

I am recovering from an injury/surgery/illness/issue

Consult with your doctor before beginning a new fitness program.  Got the green light from your doctor? Great! Arrive early to class to share any concerns with the teacher. Focus on beginner friendly classes.  Remember yoga should not hurt, listen to your body and take breaks.

How do I take breaks in yoga class?

You may take a quiet break any time during class. Most students return to Child's Pose to collect their thoughts, rest and breathe.

What are the yoga poses?

As yoga has grown in popularity many poses have become mainstream. Check out old favorites and new poses by clicking here.

What does deepening your practice mean?

Yogis are always perfecting their relaxation techniques, breathe and pose knowledge (pose name, correct alignment, cuing, etc).

I am not receiving a newsletter

If you have subscribed to a newsletter, check your security / spam settings in your email.  Once your settings are adjusted to receive email from a particular address it will enter your inbox.


Simple Studio Policies

All sales are final

No Groupon extensions

One New Client special per person

We accept cash and credit card only

No refunds, exchanges or extensions

No late arrivals, arrive 5-10 minutes early

No yoga emergencies - be kind  

All class purchases expire after 6 months - announced July 2018


Yoga Lily Studio Facility

Yoga Lily Studio is located in Bridgeport and Shelton, CT.  All students store personal items in studio room cubbies. We have large bathrooms but we are not equipped with showers.

Yoga Lily Studio Hours

Yoga Lily Studio is only open for classes. 

Phone calls and emails are returned within 24-48 hours.

We ask that members kindly respect and follow our policies and pricing.

Yoga Lily Studio Class Semesters

Yoga Lily Studio's schedule is divided into five semesters each year; holiday, winter, spring, summer and fall. While we have many mainstay classes on our schedule, our offerings, class hours, teachers and programming changes with each season.

Phone / Emails / Inquiries / Questions

We respond to all inquiries; phone or email, generally within 24-48 hours. The best way to reach the studio is through email. You will most likely get a quicker response.

Our phone is located in the studio and is set to silent. It is important to maintain a peaceful environment for all students. Teachers do not answer or return calls, calls are returned when a front desk team member or volunteer is available - which is generally within 24-48 hours

Coupons / Specials

Yoga Lily Studio accepts one new client special per client


Studio Class Cancellations

We are so bummed when we have to cancel a class. A class is cancelled when we can not find an instructor to cover the time slot or we have limited registered participants. When the studio cancels the class all registered participants retain class credit and are notified via phone and/ or email

Class Credit Cancellation Policy

All pre-registered mat classes must be cancelled at least 3 hours prior to class start time to retain your class credit. You may cancel through your Yoga Lily account.

All pre-registered Aerial Yoga classes must be cancelled by email at least 5 hours prior to class start time to retain class credit. You may cancel up to 24 hours in advance through your Yoga Lily account.

More Questions? Please read our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us by email

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