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It's time to fall back to basics and continue our study of Aparigraha (non-attachment) together by welcoming the holiday love and energy with open arms. All of our offerings are an invitation to center, ground and heal. 

We have something for everyone, purchase a class pack and register today!

Yoga Lily is closed December 17th - January 1st!


Holiday Semester Schedule

Women's Serenity


Enjoy a deep sense of community and comfort as you move through this gentle and empowering flow of postures infused with breath work and guided meditation. Bask in the inner peace and harmony of our space. Women only.

All Level / Beginner Friendly

Gratitude Flow

Start your Sunday morning with this invigorating and fluid class; awakening the body with gentle sequences and movement.

All Level / Beginner Friendly

Slow Flow / Deep Stretch

Slow Flow/ Deep Stretch builds a smooth link of breath with movements. Explore the details of each posture at a comfortable pace to allow your body to deepen into a stretch or pause in a strength-building pose. The intention is to calm the nervous system and walk away from your mat feeling deeply grounded and sweetly relaxed. Perfect for an evening practice after a  long day. All Level / Beginner Friendly

Community Yoga


A gentle open class led by one of our

aspiring instructors to develop their practice.

Donation based. Give what you can when you can!

Restorative Flow

A lively yoga flow to release tension, followed by restorative yoga poses to ease the body, mind and spirit. 

All Level / Beginner Friendly

Studio Flow

In Studio Flow, you’ll stay within the sequence of poses while highlighting breath, alignment & mindfulness.

Flow as you are today. 

Experienced Beginner / Intermediate

Vinyasa Flow

Get Answers: What is vinyasa?

This moderately paced vinyasa flow class is suited for all, from those who have only recently hit the mat to the most advanced of practitioners.  Dynamic movement is threaded into an intelligent flow sequence, offering a wide range of challenging poses.  Tap into grace and strength as your body enjoys a full range of motion.  Flow to discover and explore your breath movement while you build stamina, balance and find your center.

All Levels / Your Pace

Power Vinyasa

Get Answers: What is Power Vinyasa?

A vigorous and inspiring approach to yoga coordinating breath with flowing postures and sequences. Sun Salutations, inversions, backbends and restorative postures lead to savasana. 

Experienced Beginner / Intermediate

Aerial Yoga Classes

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