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Written by Kelly Paige

published in Oct/ Nov 2019  Print Issue

A Stepping-Stone Mindset with Failure


I failed miserably. Only six months into launching my second studio location, I was forced to admit defeat.

I struggled to hit every curve ball that came my way. Initially, yoga bolsters were stolen, classes were empty, my managers begged me to close and then my landlord requested to share the studio space with us.

But what I’ve learned over time is that acknowledging defeat allows us to transcend shame and focus on the steps that can lead to success. Changing your relationship with failure can change your life. 


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Yoga Flow: Root Chakra Balancing


Working with the chakras is all about creating balance in our lives. It’s equally important to release excess chakra energy as it is to stimulate your chakras to gain energy. The Mulahadra or Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine and represents safety, security and stability. When your root chakra is balanced, you experience emotional stability and find contentment, happiness, and inner peace.


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How to Defeat the Imposter Syndrome

After 14 years of managing and growing a construction business within the male-dominated trades industry, I decided to flip my life upside down and open a fitness studio. Drawing from previous experiences, I initially felt confident in my role as a leader and studio owner. To my surprise, Imposter Syndrome struck as soon as the fire marshal’s signature dried on the certificate of occupancy....


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Written by Kelly Paige

published Sept 2019 Print Issue

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