Aerial Yoga is an invitation to rethink yoga and your fitness regimen. Our silk hammock classes are a playful fusion of yoga and the circus arts. Yoga Lily instructors use a fun mixture of pose and basic hammock tricks to invite students to reconnect with their bodies,

heal and recharge.

We are closed due to Covid-19, Thank you for

a wonderful fall semester!

Aerial Yoga

Body Benefits

Come explore the body benefits of Aerial Yoga!

- Inversions offer spinal decompression

- *Relief for back spasms, scoliosis and disc pain

- *Relief for general chronic back and neck pain

- *Regain balance after injury or stroke

- *Anti-gravity limits pressure on joints and injuries

- *A pain-free stretch of hip, knee and other injuries

- *A deep stretch for hip and knee replacements

- Improve range of motion

- Stress relief

- Relieve chronic body pain

- Enhances flexibility

- Tones and strengthens

- Go at your own pace, inversions are optional

- Stay fit and have fun while burning calories

*Our Aerial Basics, Beginner Aerial classes and personal training sessions are perfect for any body type, any age 15+, any ability!  Please visit your doctor before beginning a new fitness program. 



**All Sessions Are Canceled 

Due to Covid-19. 

Aerial Youth Yoga (Ages 8+)

Let's explore yoga in the hammocks.  Sun salutations, warriors, downward dog, inversions and more. Parents may participate or sit this one out. All ages welcome.  Intended for all youth and adults that want to spend more time on aerial yoga basics.

Beginner Aerial

Beginner Aerial is fun, safe & open to all. Join us to learn the basics with one foot on the ground and easy inversion skill building. Use our hammocks as a prop to build confidence, deepen your practice, stretch and lengthen.

*Pre-Requisite - None

Aerial Youth Group Sessions

Our Aerial Youth Group Sessions are a fun way to fill downtime between club, school, and athletic commitments. Aerial Yoga is a safe and interesting alternative to traditional competitive youth sports. Young athletes enjoy the benefits of cross training  in-between their sport seasons.  We require a minimum of 1 student (youth or youth/adult combo) for 3 sessions

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$180 pp + sales tax

*pre-requisite - None

Advanced Beginner Aerial

Advanced Beginner Aerial is an invitation to gently continue your Aerial Yoga journey. Students use the hammock as the ultimate yoga prop to alleviate chronic pain, stress and tension. Continue to slowly develop aerial confidence with inversions, gentle hip openers, balance and pose. 


**Pre-Requisite: Minimum 3 Beginner Aerial classes or comparable experience.


Not quite ready for Aerial Level Up?

Join Advanced Beginner Aerial to continue to develop your skills.

Hammock Skills Required: Basic Inversion (Straddle Back), Downward Dog, Basic Grips, Flying Mountain, Supported Skin the Cat.

Aerial Flow (All Levels)

Aerial Flow is an open level aerial yoga class with less instruction to allow students to build upon their confidence and current skills in a safe, peaceful environment. Teachers use basic, beginner, advanced beginner, and low-level up tricks, movements and inversions with alternative movements/ offerings for remedial and advanced students alike. Let's flow, learn and relax!

 *Pre-requisite 2 Beginner Aerial classes.

Aerial Level Up

You will literally flip for this class. The back bends, trust falls and light inversion skills learned in Beginner Aerial pay off in Level Up as you take flight.

***Pre-Requisite - 3 Beginner Aerial classes, comparable experience

or Beginner Aerial Workshop.

Women's Aerial Sexy Stretch

Let's get ready to rock and...roll into your hammocks. A empowering full body stretch awaits. An invitation to focus on loving our bodies, and paying special attention to deep hip stretches, back flexibility, core strengthening, all while having fun. 

Aerial Personal Training

Our Aerial Personal Training sessions are for EVERY aerial enthusiast. Our Aerialists build each set of sessions to fit your specific fitness needs and availability.  Our 60-min Aerial Personal Training sessions are sold in a three=pack.  Personal training is perfect for students to gain aerial confidence, hone their personal aerial practice, reach the next level, or safely focus on one area of the body such as; back, hips, knees, or balance.

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Pack of 3 sessions

$180 pp + sales tax

*pre-requisite - None

Aerial Parties & Workshops


Our Workshops and Parties are canceled at this time due to Covid-19

Standard Aerial Party - $220

-90 minute Aerial Yoga class

-1-2 Inversions

-Group Photo at the conclusion of class

-1 Group Inversion Photo

-8 participants maximum

-No Food

Have Your Cake Too - $280

-90 minute Aerial Yoga class

-1-2 Inversions

-Group Photo at the conclusion of class

-1 Group Inversion Photo

-8 participants maximum

-30 minutes for cake

*We allow pizza, cake and any drinks

**ONLY 8 hammocks available

***We do not provide paper goods, food, drinks,

can not keep food warm / cold. So please plan accordingly

Book Now!

Click Here > Party Policies PDF

Beginner Aerial Workshop

An optional class!  Your fast pass to take flight.  Our 90 minute Aerial Yoga workshop covers basic inversions, flips, safety and more. Beginner Aerial Workshops run two times every month

Register Today.

Advanced Aerial Workshop

An optional class!  Fly to new heights in our 90 minute Advanced Aerial Yoga Workshop. We build on your Advanced Beginner skills with tricks, flips and more. Contact us for details.

Partner Aerial Yoga 

Grab your bestie and flip out in our 90 minute partner workshop.  We focus on deep partner assisted stretches in the hammock and 1-2 basic tricks.

Contact us for details.

Aerial Policies &


>>>Click Here for our Covid-19 Policies<<<


In order to retain class credit all cancellations must be made a minimum of 5 hours prior to the start time. Please email ( the studio to cancel, do not call.  A credit will be applied to your account to use towards any class at the studio.



Please arrive to class on time. Late arrivals will only be admitted into the studio during the first five minutes of class. After the first five minutes, no one will be admitted into the studio.  This is purely for safety reasons. Instructors need to focus solely on the safety of participants within the hammocks.

Specials Do Not Apply

We accept Aerial Yoga Groupons purchased online. Please remember we accept one new client special per person.

Age Limit

Our age limit is based on solely on safety.  All participants must be a minimum of 15 years old. A paying adult must accompany all minors. All children will be carded, please be prepared with your child's School ID, Learner's Permit or Driver's License. A separate liability waiver needs to be signed by a guardian for the minor.

Minors Under Age 15

Please register for our "Aerial Basics ages 8+" class online today! We accept bookings for one-time and long term youth group sessions.  For more information, pricing or to book your youth group session please contact us:


No jewelry, shorts, or tank tops. Fitted leggings, capris or sweats & T-shirts are appropriate. This is also for safety reasons as earrings or rings can get caught on the silk hammocks, and rug burn or welts can occur on exposed limbs (armpits/ back of knees). ANY DAMAGES to the hammocks will incur a $100 fee.

Refunds / Class Packs / Transfers

No refunds, class pack transfers, or exceptions will be given for any reason, especially late arrivals. All class packs expire in 6 months.


To ensure your safety, we ask that you do not sit in or begin to use silks until instructed to do so.


Aerial Yoga is open to all. However, each participant must consider his or her general health, capabilities and familiarity with yoga.

Liability Waiver

A digital waiver must be signed before entry into class.

Class Pack Details

Please note that all aerial classes require 2 credits from your pass.  

Each session on your pass is equal to one 1/2 aerial class.

Aerial Yoga Drop-In = 2 credits

Aerial Yoga Five Pack = 10 credits

Aerial Yoga Ten Pack = 20 credits

Why? This quirk is based on our software. Our Aerial Yoga passes do not cover regular mat classes beginning Feb 2019, due to pricing changes.  

Aerial Yoga Benefits

Aerial Yoga Benefits: Our gravity defying Aerial Yoga alleviates symptoms associated with fibromyalgia, chronic body and back pain, anxiety, hip or knee problems, balance issues and more. Before beginning a new fitness program

please consult with your doctor. 

Who Are We

We are Aerial Yoga teachers!  We are not physical therapists or trained medical professionals. 


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