Yoga Lily Studio was founded by Kelly Paige in 2017. Since then YL has cultivated a loyal following, teaching roughly 30 classes per week with 15 instructors on staff. Our first studio was so popular that we opened our second studio in Shelton to focus on aerial arts.


Our Core Values are:

-Body Confidence: Strong is sexy

-Embodiment: Reconnect with your body

-Healing: Transcend into your higher self

-Empowerment: Own your story

-Self-Confidence: Love thyself

-Mindfulness: Change your reaction, change your life


What differentiates us from other studios?

-Our special sauce is that we bring joy, healing, training, fun, and body awareness to every class.

-Our studio runs, yoga classes, aerial classes, and glow parties

-Unlike big box gyms, we deliver a curated, personalized studio experience.

-We integrate Circus Arts into yoga and fitness

-We provide a specialized boutique setting with familiar faces, clean facilities, friendly instructors, props, mats, highly trained experts, individualized experience, and attention on YOU.

-We provide a safe space for trauma-sensitive individuals and those in recovery.

-We create a magical experience from start to finish whether taking class or booking a party.

-Our cross-training facility gives you the benefits of yoga without needing to become a yogi.

-Traditional yoga not for you? Great, stay engaged with our fast paced Circus and Power classes

We are here to help you unearth and become your strongest, confident and sexiest self. We define sexy as:

Strong is sexy


Xhale doubt, inhale acceptance

You; you are enough. You are whole.

We are deeply grateful you chose us to partner with you in your journey and look forward to serving you!

Your Yoga Lilies


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955 Connecticut Ave - Bridgeport 

514 Bridgeport Ave - Shelton


(203) 275-6694