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Aerial Yoga is an invitation to rethink yoga and your fitness regimen. Our silk hammock classes are a playful fusion of yoga and the circus arts. Yoga Lily instructors use a fun mixture of pose and basic hammock tricks to invite students to reconnect with their bodies, heal and recharge.

Meet Kelly Paige

Owner, Certified Aerial Yoga & Yoga Teacher

I'm gonna get right down to it. I am completely comfortable in my body. Not pajama pants / big sweater comfortable - but I am right there with you. I am bikini, little black dress, oh I think I look good comfortable. It's not that I have a supermodel body, mind you; just like you my body has a story to tell. Three childbirths, raising a special needs child, a hysterectomy, broken bones, and running a business—all those pieces are in there...


Our mission is to heal the wounded, inspire personal growth, and spread love within the communities we service.  Every body, mind and soul is different. We offer a vast array of circus arts, yoga and workshops to invite students to explore. It is our belief that exploring your body, mind and soul leads to true empowerment.

We are saddened by a ‘one-size-to-practice’ mentality and the overall commercialization of yoga.  We feel these two factors create obstacles to practice, an overly competitive yogi community and diluted substance.  Our aim is to counter these effects through pricing, responsible offerings, passionate instructors, and a deeply rooted vibe.


Aerial Yoga

Teacher Training

Aerial Yoga +

Circus Arts

Aerial Yoga Parties +

Glow Parties

Yoga +

Wellness Workshops


Glow Party includes:

-UV Body Painting (30min)

**Single arm, non-toxic paint

-Zumba (60 min)

-Celebrate BYOwn (30 min)

-15 participants / 2 hours for

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Our  parties are fun, adventurous and unique!  Perfect for team-building experiences, celebrations, birthdays, girl scouts, groups

and more. 


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Aerial Party




Aerial Party

- Christine T. 

- Pamela J

- Yvette

Shelton & Bridgeport

Studio Schedule



Yoga Lily Studio is my silver lining. I took my rain clouds and turned them into a never-ending sunny day. I have never been paid for my services, instead my family makes YL possible by donating thousands each month in yoga and services.


Being the change by holding space for healing and growth continues to heal me....what's your why?  Be the change you want to see in the world.

Community Yoga is donation based,


Women's Community Yoga

Mondays with Vern Montoute

Bridgeport @ 5 pm 

Community Yoga

Wednesdays in

Bridgeport @ 5:30 pm

(203) 275 -6694          yogalilystudio@gmail.com

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