Hi, I'm Kelly.

I'm gonna get right down to it. I am completely comfortable in my body. Not pajama pants / big sweater comfortable - but I am right there with you. I am bikini, little black dress, oh I think I look good comfortable. It's not that I have a supermodel body, mind you; just like you my body has a story to tell. Three childbirths, raising a special needs child, a hysterectomy, broken bones, and running a business—all those pieces are in there.

But the reality is that today I am who I am. While I walk on this body journey I am going to be kind to myself. I celebrate that by teaching women to embrace their innermost desires and become wickedly confident in the process.

I created Yoga Lily to help you unearth your loudest, most powerful, unapologetic, self with other like-minded souls. Already feeling confident? We’re gonna hold space for that piece to grow. Feel like you used to be all that and now you don’t recognize yourself anymore? It’s time to reclaim what’s been lost.


I mean, seriously—what would your life look like if you cultivated and unleashed allllll your power and let it hang out for the world to see? And what would the impact be around your friends, family, and the world around you? Talk about a game-changer!


I’m ready to continue the dialogue with you within the incredible classes that we offer. Surf around, try them out and see what feels most suited to you, and reshape both your body and your mind in the process. Click here for my teacher bio.


Oh, and just one more thing about us here at Yoga Lily. We are honored you are choosing us to bring magic into your day. 

Our culture embodies a sacred space for growth and expansion so you can rise up and shine.  In return, we expect you to treat each other, as well as our staff members, with kindness and respect. Because anything less than that throws shade on everyone, and we all deserve way more than that!

See you on the mats, my fellow badasses.


With Love and Fire,


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